Shooting landscapes has become a great passion, one that I will be able to carry on doing for a long time.  For me, there is a great feel of the hunt, you might wait an hour or you may wait a month for that one photograph, in some instances you may come back to the place several times before being able to capture that one perfect moment.  I love trying to find new & scenic places to capture.  I cannot go to a place without trying to come up with a way to capture it.   I love being able to share that with everyone as well, without photographs, some people may never get to experience or see that place. 

Prints can be purchased of all of my landscape photography showcased on this page.  I offer matte prints or metallic prints.  I prefer the metallic prints for my landscapes.  Metallic prints change color and show of the vibrant beauty a lot more than any other type of printing.  When light hits the metallic paper it shows a wide range of vibrant color giving the overall feel a more enjoyable feel.  I give FREE quotes and can print in most sizes.  I prefer 12 x 19 or 8 x 12, because it shows more of my landscapes as intended.  


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