Shooting in color is one of my more preferred mediums. I love to show bright & vibrant colors off in my work, it catches the eye and draws the viewer in.  A photo with great, clear color will grab your attention and make you focus on the image more.  I have a wide range of subject matter, basically anything I feel needs to be captured.

Prints can be purchased of all of my color photography showcased on this page.  I offer matte prints or metallic prints.  I prefer the metallic prints for my color photography.  Metallic prints change color and show of the vibrant beauty a lot more than any other type of printing.  When light hits the metallic paper it shows a wide range of vibrant color giving the overall feel a more enjoyable feel. 
I give FREE quotes and can print in most sizes.  I prefer to sell prints in the sizes of 12 x 19 or 8 x 12.


Nature photography is actually one of the more challenging subject matters that I shoot, there are many variables you have to consider while photographing nature.  If you are shooting animals you have to get close enough and wait on that perfect moment and if you are shooting a certain scene out in nature you have to wait on the perfect time of day.  You never know what you will encounter while out and about in the woods, but to me that is what makes it fun and it gives you a great sense of a thrill as well.


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