I consider myself an architectural & landscape photographer and I love to combine the two.  Good architecture setting on a beautiful landscape is what I look for the most.  My passion for architecture didn't start until I started working for an architecture firm in Lynchburg, VA.  I learned a great deal about good architecture and why it should be appreciated.  I still work at the firm as a graphic designer and photographer and I am always learning something new. 

I spend a lot of my time traveling all over the Appalachian area looking for that new scene that hasn't been discovered.  I like to go to some well known locations and put my own spin on things as well.  Looking for that perfect shot, that perfect moment is what drives me.  

I love going out into the woods to photograph animals and various scenes of the great outdoors.  Nature can be very challenging and it offers a great thrill of the chase for me. you can check out some of my nature photography HERE.

I hope you enjoy looking through my galleries and if you see any photographs you may be interested in a print of, please contact me.





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